Router that provides eSIM (consumer) functionality

I am new to the eSIM topic and I am looking for a router that provides eSIM (consumer) functionality. Doing some search on the web I found out that some of the Teltonika router seem to have this possibility but I am not sure which one. For example the RUT956 datasheet only says “eSIM (optional)” looking at the specs. What does this mean and can I put an eSIM from any carrier in any of the Teltonika routers?
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I want to inform you that you are correct - our devices have eSIM functionalities. Firstly, I would like to clarify that eSIM cards that you buy from your ISP ( internet service provider ) must come in the 2FF, 3FF, or 4FF form factors.

In the datasheet, you see ‘eSIM (optional)’ because there are a couple of options for how the eSIM is integrated into our devices: it can either be embedded within our router or it can be removeable sim card slot (plastic card eSIM). The devices that are compatible with eSIM can be found by looking at specific device datasheet physical interfaces section. However, as of right now, Teltonika devices are supporting one M2M eSIMs and consumer eSIM are not supported.

When considering an eSIM carrier, it’s important to ensure that your chosen carrier’s frequency bands are compatible with our product’s frequency bands. You can find the frequency bands supported by our devices on our specific product page, specifically in the ordering section under the ‘Available versions’ section. For instance, here you can find the frequency bands supported by the RUT240 :RUT240 Supported Frequency Bands - Teltonika Networks Wiki

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