Router online RMS says Offline

Hi, we have 120 routers on RMS. One of them is actually online but RMS says its Offline.

Its details are Serial Number is 1127XXXXXX and MAC 00:1E:42:XX:XX:XX RUT 241.

We know it is online as we can live view the cameras on the site


Thank you for reaching out, Could you please verify whether the device is connected to the internet?

Go to WebUI, navigate to System-> Maintenance-> Troubleshoot page. Navigate to the diagnosis section and enter host " " and hit the "ping " button. If the ping is successful that means the device is connected to the internet, unsuccessful ping indicates that the device is offline.

Also, go to WebUI and navigate to Services->Cloud Platforms->RMS . Make sure to enable RMS and click on the "Connect " button. Save and apply the settings.


Yes the device is connected to the internet and when I Tunnel into it from out Cloud Recorder it shows as online and registered

See the attached screen shot

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Could you please attempt to unregister the device from RMS and then register it again?

Would you mind providing a screenshot of the RMS’s state for the device, please?