Router ends call on a duplicate SIM

Hello, I have a RUT240 router from Teltonika, I had it with its own SIM, but now I have put a SIM in it that is a duplicate of my SIM (in my phone plan it is free, and I share the data between the two SIMs). Everything was fine until I realized that when I receive a call on my phone, it hangs up after the first ring. I have looked at the manual and I have not been able to find out if this can be solved, I am not a great expert either… Can anyone help me?



You have the option to decide what occurs when you receive an incoming call. Simply navigate to Services → Mobile Utilities → Call Utilities. Under incoming call settings, you can select the “Ignore” option. This should resolve your situation by ignoring the call on the router, allowing you to answer it on your phone.

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