Route Packets from LAN to VPN TRB140


I have setup an OpenVPN in a TRB140. The address space of the LAN and the VPN is (and needs to be) the same. That is, LAN IP is 192.168.1.x and VPN IP space is also 192.168.1.x. There’s no conflict between existing devices’ IPs in LAN and VPN.

We need to communicate a given device in the TRB LAN with IP with a device in the VPN with with IP The router has LAN IP

Currently, the router does not forward a packet originated from IP to IP The packet stays in the LAN.

Is there any configuration or rule we can define in order to tell the router that packets sent to IP are to be forwarded to the VPN?

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If you want to connect two sites with the same subnet, you will need to configure OpenVPN in TAP mode. You can find a configuration example on our wiki page here.

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I need packets from the LAN side of the TRB140 to be routed to the VPN side of the same TRB140, and both LAN and VPN share address space.

The TRB140 here is just a VPN client. If I set TAP mode in the TRB140 will I get packets from the LAN side go to the VPN side? Or I need to configure a static route in the TRB140?


With OpenVPN TAP mode, you will have a Layer 2 VPN where all your devices will be able to be on the same network. There is no need to add routes. Please, take a look at the link that I have provided before as it explains the configuration.

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