Roadmap of FMC003 support for backup tracker


I use FMC003 trackers and would like to add TAT1xx backup trackers.
What is the roadmap for the FMC003 to support backup trackers?

The TAT1xx compatibility site does not list them.

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It seems that you’re in the wrong forum. Everything related about your device will be answered here: Teltonika Telematics - Teltonika Community 2

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Hi @Solero

Using Base 29 firmware for FMC003 you may now use this to enable the backup tracker support.

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Maynard C


If you have access to the helpdesk or contact with your sales manager, please request for the evaluation firmware: 03.29.00.Rev.357 to test.

Soon the Base 29 firmware for FMX003 will comeout to the public.

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Maynard C

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