RMS VPN to PLC and HMI access problem


We would like to use a RUT300 router to access PLC(Omron NX1P2) and HMI(Kinco-GL100E) of our machines.
I set the router and our devices as i show you below via link.


I want to programming the plc and the hmi remotely. i don’t see the devices via router.
I don’t know what is the problem with it. What should i do?

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It seems that your LAN and RMS Hub networks are identical ( Those need to be different. Change the LAN network (on RUT300 and end devices) to something different, like

Then, in RMS VPN Hub settings make sure that LAN forwarding is enabled:

And add a route manually to via device RUT300.

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Thank you!

It’s working!

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