RMS VPN Hub - Issue


I am trying to access the Charging stations connected through LAN to my RUT 951 router. I tried establishing connection over the VPN hubs but i could not switch LAN forwarding in RMS as mentioned in the Tutorial.
The VPN Hub-> General and Configurations tab never loads in my RMS instance.
VPN Hub->Clients-> i cannot download the VPN configuration file. The rms cannot generate the files and keeps on loading.
VPN Hub->Routes → i cannot activate the LAN, WAN in the router. The options are not visible in my RMS and i router doesnot scan automatically. even though there are devices.
I do have 40 GB of company data and around 80 credits.
Please find the screenshot and thank you for your feedback.

Thank you for your feedback


Apologies for the delayed response.

From the description and the attached image, it seems like an issue with the web browser. Perhaps you could try clearing cache/using incognito mode or a different web browser? Maybe a different PC?

Kind Regards,

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