RMS UI bug in ADD VPN DEVICE window

Dear all,
it seems I have stumbled in a UI bug in RMS.
When I go to VPN Quick Connect > Add, then I click button ADD DEVICE, select a device and click SCAN DEVICE button, a long list of IP addresses appear.

When I select one IP address and hit the ADD button, the list gets self-centered and nothing else happens. Neither the ADD button or the X button to close the window produce effect other then the self-centering behaviour.

However, if I resize browser view with CTRL + - button small enough to have the entire list displayed without scrolling, then the ADD button works.

I guess it is just some Javascript fix.

With regards
Niccolò Gallarati


I have tried to recreate your case where I configured VPN quick connect then scanned the available devices. Once I clicked one device and click Add, the tab of IP addresses closed.

Can you try again while clearing your cache or open RMS on a different browser?

Let me know the results.


I tried to reproduce the issue on Firefox version 120.0 but failed: the UI worked as intended.

I have cleared the cache of Chrome, logged out and restarted Chrome. It auto-updated to Version 120.0.6099.71 (Official Build) (64-bit)

I have logged in RMS, tried to reproduce the issue, and fails as described in the initial post.
Whenever I scroll the windows with a long list of IP address and then I click on any point of the window, the window still get self-centered on the Y axis.
Firefox doesn’t have this behavior, I scroll the window and click on any point on it and it doesn’t change position. The ADD button doesn’t have any effect.
Upon inspecting the HTML, the window has these classes “modal-box main-modal”
Interestingly, I can close the window by clicking the X on the top right corner but I have to click it N+1 times, where N is the number of clicks inside the window.

With regards


I have informed this one to our developers. Let me get back to you once I receive any feedback from them.

Edit: I have tried this one with multiple browsers such as Firefox, Brave, Edge, and Chrome and it is working as intended. Can you try to do the same on a different device?


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