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Recently purchsed RMS to configure and monitor our routers remotely. I am having trouble adding a port forward rule through the RMS software.

I have managed to delete rules so I know that the connection is working fine.

The error message i am getting is the following - Option does not accept arrays (src_dport:[“8000”]) (103)

To get this i have gone to ‘Firewall Port Forwards Configuration’ and then ‘Create’ adding the following values -

Enable - On
Name - 8000
Protocol - TCP+UDP
Source Zone - EMPTY
Source MAC - EMPTY
Source IP - EMPTY
Source Port - EMPTY
External IP - EMPTY
External Port - 8000
Internal zone - EMPTY
Internal IP:
Internal Port: 8000
Enable NAT Loopback: UNSELECTED
Extra Arguments: EMPTY

It would also be helpful to know how to save a config profile to the whole Router.

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To reach devices in the LAN of the router through RMS, there is no need to configure anything on the router itself.

There are two ways to access the devices in LAN through RMS. One being the remote access, where you can specify which router to use for the connection, IP address of the end device, and the port number. More information on this method is available here.

The second method would be RMS VPN Hubs. This will allow you to establish a VPN tunnel to the router and access the devices in LAN. For this, you need to configure RMS VPN Hub, add your devices and your user, allow forwarding to LAN, and add a route to your LAN network. For example: via RUT955

We have a video about this on YouTube here. You can also refer to our wiki page here.

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