RMS - Option to include Latency checks for Monitoring?

Hello everyone,

we are using the following devices:

Teltonika RUT955
FW: RUT9_R_00.07.04.2

And we are utilizing the Teltonika RMS System for Management and Monitoring.

It’s good that it shows the Mobile Signal in DBM, Mobile Connection Type etc. but we would like to monitor Latency to Endpoint X.

So full use case:

The Router will ping our Datacenter every XX seconds (lets say 30 seconds) for 5 pings.
This Latency then can be displayed in the Devices List (for example average of the last hour).

What we would need in detail:

Add the option to add a Latency check for a specific Target (for example own Datacenter or something like Google DNS

Be able to display the latency in the Devices List next to the other values like Mobile Signal etc.

Is that possible? If not is there an option to implement it?

Thank you!


Indeed, such an option could be useful in some cases. It was forwarded as a suggestion to our RnD team.

Best regards,

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