RMS Failure (Error: Expired license)

Trying to add a rented RUT950 to our RMS, but am getting this error:

Failure (Error: Expired license

Thank you

You must check to your RMS account - where you normally have added the router, to see if the license for this one router (in case you have others too) has an expired . If yes, you must add a new one from your account credits.

It’s the only one throwing this error. I’m adding 10 RUT950s to our existing system and the others have worked with no problems. I’ve tried enabling it manually through the WebUI and through the normal “add device” function. It’s rejecting it immediately like my serial is flagged.


To troubleshoot the issue further, we will ask you to share some confidential information. I’ve sent you a form to fill out where we will be able to get in touch privately and help you resolve the issue.

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