RMS - Device Access no possible any more?

We configured device access on several RUT240 and everything was fine.
Today we aren’t able to access them any more.
Clicking quick connect on device redirects to routeur login (router web UI).
I tried to connect to webUI frist of all, but no change.

Is that a temporary bug/issue ??
How to connect technical support ?
(it’s really catastrophic that paying users cannot access any support easilly !)

Regards and thanks

Hi Jerome,
same goes for us. A reboot via SMS command helped on a few of
the devices but not on all of them.

The devices are shown online in the RMS but if I want to establish
a connection (either to the router itself or to a device behind it) it just
times out after a few seconds.

Teltonika, pls help!

Timelapse Admin

Same issue here. Device connected to RMS, but not possible to generate a connection via webUI, always timeout.

Now, it’s ok again, webUI is reachable.

Hi Jerome and Afreaka,

Inbetween I’ve managed to make all our routers accessible
again by rebooting them via SMS command (sometimes
more than once).

Timelapse Admin

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