RMS delete and re-add problem

A long time ago, on rms.teltonika-networks.com, we added a RUT 955 router to a company we had set up. We recently put this router into service, so I wanted to delete it and put it into the proper company which using the credit.
This operation failed. When I try to delete the device from the RMS, I get the following error message back:

Failed to find assigned broker.

If I want to add it again it says:

There are no valid devices from the list to add.

If I go into the device itself it says:

Error:Device is not registered in RMS.

How can I delete, and readd this router?

I am having the same issue!
I have a RUT241 in Tunisia that won’t connect to RMS and shows an SSL Failure.
I looked in the Company-Devices section and see that the device has no active credit although my company has 30 credit left.
Is RMS having operational problems?

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