RMS credit cannnot use

why i cannot use those credit… earlier it work just fine

i just buy 50pc credit more… there read 60pc credit remaining but service is not activate those


Could you try removing and adding the device back again in your RMS account then proceed to activate the Management service again?

Also, could you specify what was the level of your company in the same RMS account? Was it a secondary company or the primary (parent) company?

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I have over 185 units around Europe… I’ve tried several and they all say the same, nothing like this has been done before same setup


Kindly try powering up the device and make sure it has internet connectivity first before enabling the Service option in the RMS

At the same time, login to the WebUI of one of the device physically, navigate to Services → Cloud solutions → RMS. Then press the connect button while enabling the Service option in the RMS.

If the issue still persists, let us know right away :slight_smile:
Hope this helps

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the internet connection is ok because my own application connects there just fine. rms is activated and it is active by default

it’s online

Online all good but i have to change parameters to teltonika but cannot connect via rms

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