RMS Credit Allocation Incorrectly assigned to child company

Hi, I recently purchased a credit code with multiple credits. I activated the code against the parent/root company. Prior to doing this, I ensured that the “Use Parent Company Credits” toggle was off for all children companies.

Upon activating the code, I see that all the credits have been allocated to a singular child company.

I would like the parent company to contain all credits, and I would like to generate codes for the child companies and activate them independently. I have watched the In-Depth guide video, attempted to gain an understanding from the wiki and searched the community forum.

Please could you assist with where I may have gone wrong and what the correct procedure is to follow.



On RMS companies page, you can click on arrow down icon where the ‘ADD’ button is to move credits from one company to another.

The codes can be created from the same menu.

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