RMS Alert and Automation run once

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We want to use RMS to send an sms if the data usage comes above a value.
Would be great if there is a value of total data… but couldn’t find it, so use RX with a lower value.

However as soon as the condition is met. it send the sms every time it checks.
So i tried to limit it to once every 12 hours (this is fine for the application we use) however i can’t set the repetitions to 1.
Also since the RMS information is retrieved once in a while. there is no use in setting >10GB & <10,01GB

The question is, how do i make sure only 1 sms is send?


It seems that Cooldown option can help you in this case:

This should allow you to stop that alert from performing actions for a set period of time, after it was triggered.

Let me know if this helps.

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Great, i think i mixed the 2 functions.
was expecting “cooldown” to wait if the condition is still met after some time.
wasn’t able to test it (since it is based on usage) but guess it will work now.

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