RHCP WiFi antennas for RUTX11/RUTX14

we are using RUTX11 and RUTX14 to connect with mobile vehicles. The vehicles are equipped with RHCP (Right Hand Circularly Polarized) antennas. With standard antennas we are getting very short stable connection. We would like to replace the router’s antennas with RHCP antennas.
Should we replace both WiFi RP-SMA antennas or only one of them?
Do You have any experience with RHCP 2,4GHz antennas?

The vehicle is using Taoglas Terrablast WTSP.2400 2.4GHz Patch Antenna.
Best regards, Lukasz


In theory, this should work, but using this antenna as a wireless antenna for a router is uncommon. An RHCP antenna might not cover the entire range needed for typical wireless frequencies. The best approach would be to try it out; it should function, though the range and speed could vary. If you discover anything noteworthy, please share your findings here.

P.S. I will also investigate and share my findings.

Best regards,