Rfid card reader integration


We have connected our local brand RFID card reader to capture the rfid tag (High frequency 13.56Mhz tag using) number with FMB125 device RS232 port.
Configured RS232 mode “RFID HID” baud rate 9600. (If we selected any other RS232 mode or baud rate receiving card number as zero)
After connected FMB125 with RFID reader we are receiving the Rfid tag number in hexadecimal format like “IO ID[207]: 0x00E0E0F8DF3D19B8”.

The actual rfid tag number is in decimal format like “0001135900”

How to derive received hexadecimal number to get actual rfid tag decimal number like “0001135900”

Or any other RS232 config or other input in the device to be connected to get actual rfid tag decimal number.


Good day, do you have the protocol documentation of your RFID reader?

You would need access to the HID protocol details to perform this conversion accurately.

Maynard C.