Reverse DNS not working

I set up a reverse proxy and have external DNS being pointed to my internal IP. So for example, resolves to This works if I look up that name if I’m external to my network but if I’m behind the teltonika router, it says Name or service not known.

I’ve tested things with a different router, and it works as expected. It seems the Teltonika router is blocking this name from resolving. How can I fix this?


By default, Teltonika routers have DNS Rebind protection enabled, which may be causing the issue with your connection behind the Teltonika router. To disable it, follow these steps:

  1. Enable advanced settings.
  2. Navigate to: Network → DNS → Rebind protection → Disable rebind protection.

This should solve your issue, but keep in mind that DNS rebinding is a tricky thing and can be used by attackers to exploit the way web browsers and networks interact. In a nutshell, it lets a malicious website sneakily communicate with devices on your network.

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