Request: RUTX50 - Event Emails - Senders name

When the system sends an email after an event has taken place, it would be a nice addition if it was possible to add a senders name, device name or some such other label rather than just use the senders email address.

For those that have more than one router, knowing which router (By Name) that sent the email in the recipient’s inbox as the senders name would be beneficial.

It could be van no 23 or boat no 02 or a by building site name, project or by nickname. Anything other than simply the senders email address only.


To address this matter, you can tag emails yourself either in the email subject or within the email body. This allows you to filter emails based on the tags you need. It’s a simple yet effective solution.

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This is great, and it’s what i’m doing. In the recipient’s inbox the subject displays correctly as entered but the senders name is displayed simply as the senders email address.

It would be a nice addition to be able to add a senders name here:

This would identify which router sent the email by senders name in the inbox before opening and would make setting up of filters easier. Vehicle, lorry or boat number, building site or project or just a nickname or device name. Anything other than simply the senders email address.

I setup in the subject of the email the router unique name (maybe also a workaround but works fine for me) after that I set multiple outlook rules to move them to the correct folder.

subject : RUTX50-a1 Startup Complete

This’ll be what i do, just thought it would be nice to be able to it by adding a senders name to the email address entered. It would be nicer, and it finishes off the job of sending emails. Finishing touches to what is an excellent thing to do with an excellent product / device.

Hope someone’s reading this and thinks the same, shouldn’t be difficult to add an optional senders name to the process.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As I can see this functionality would help you manage emails and devices. We’ll look into the possibility of adding this to our firmware.

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