Remote connection to the Helvar controller

Hello! I’m interested in the issue of remote connection to Finnish-made Helvar controllers.
I have a RUT240 router. I tried connecting via RMS and it didn’t work. Maybe there are other options.
The requirements from the controller manufacturer are:
Layer 2 connection
-Also known as a bridged, or site-to-site connection
-Creates a virtual network interface that appears to be residing in the remote network
-Can be thought of as having a really long ethernet cable to the remote network
-Each remote user gets its own address from the remote network
-Works on the data link layer (MAC)


It is not possible to use a Layer 2 connection, as RMS VPN currently supports only a Layer 3 tunnel protocol.

I recommend trying to configure OpenVPN or ZeroTier VPNs. You can find detailed instructions on our wiki page:

I hope this is helpful!

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