Remote Access to FX5u PLC with RUT200 and RMS

Hi, I am trying to set up a remote connection to a mitsubishi fx5 plc using a RUT200 and rms. I have followed the steps in this video ( to create a vpn. I have also watched the one with the Unitronics plc.

Can I please ask if anyone can help me doing the above specifically with the fx5 plc.


Thanks for reaching us.

I’m assuming you missed some configuration or anything during the setup. Did your PC successfully connect to the OpenVPN software after downloading the VPN file from RMS? You should also ensure that you rebooted the VPN hub after adding the PLC IP to the VPN route. If so, and all configuration went smoothly, you must ensure that the PLC also supports TUN (Tunnel) as a VPN interface type.


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