Remote acces link duration

Ive recently upgraded the firmwire on an RUT240, I now don’t seem to be able to set a long duration remote acces link.

I could do this on the previous version, why can’t I any longer?

What can I do as a work around?


This limitation is not due to the firmware version of RUT240, but rather the RMS itself, as some users were experiencing issues when the links were being generated to be active for a long time. For a longer access we recommend using RMS Connect or RMS VPN Hubs.

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Ok, thanks. Its in the RMS connect service that i’m trying to generate the lnk. It will let me generate one but only for 30 mins or so. How do i change the duration?

If I can’t, please provide a guide on how to do this another way.



In order to generate a longer duration RMS Connect URL, open the Remote access instance, select the date for how long the link should be active, and press the Generate button (not connect!):

Let me know if this helps.

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Ah! amazing! Easy once you know how!

Thanks for your help, very appreciated.

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Hi Daumantas

Thanks for your help the other day.

The links seem to be only a one time use now, they always need to be reconnected in the remote access page in the RMS service after they’ve been used. Is this correct? I thought the link should be active for the duration set ( as you kindly guided me through the other day).

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