"Remember iButton" feature doesnt make sense


this is the description from your site related to FMB devices

Remember iButton functionality. If Remember iButton and Trip parameters are enabled, ignition is on and iButton is attached then FMB1YX remembers iButton ID. iButton ID is saved and sent to the server with every record. If new iButton is attached during the Trip , FMB1YX remembers new iButton ID. FMB1YX forgets iButton ID after ignition is off and ignition timeout is reached.

I work in a firm that develop and sells end to end solution for fleet management for the last 30 years.
we have many customers that use button to identify and authorize the driver for ignition.

in the recent year we started to use Flespi service and we have many customers with hundreds of Teltonika devices. now we have customers that would like to use ibuttons for driver authentication.

the scenario should be :

  1. the driver presents the button to the reader
  2. the device authorize it according to the internal list
  3. if button is authorized according to the list , the driver can ignite the vehicle within a certain time interval, and the device starts to send each record to server with the ibutton code.

it seems that you have some irrational logic.

you remember the ibutton only if it is presented after the ignition.
if so how exactly the driver can ignite if he didnt present the button before the ignition.

  1. please explain the rational behind your concept
  2. how can we solve this issue?


Remember iButton Functionality is for the Trip/ Odometer scenario.

For your requirements you need to use Immobilizer
Reference : FMC130 Features settings - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (teltonika-gps.com)

Once you select Onewire the device will look into the Authorization ID list so only the ID from the list will be recognized by the tracker.

Reference: FMB110 1-Wire - Wiki Knowledge Base | Teltonika GPS (teltonika-gps.com)

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all these tech issues we know and familiar.
this is not the issue i am asking about.

i refer only to the behavior that relates to remembering and sending the code to server

the optimal behavior should be like this:

  1. ignition is off
  2. driver presents the button to the reader
  3. device authorize the code according to list
  4. driver ignites the engine

with this situation we expect that whenever the “Remember iButton” is enabled , the device will send the code from ignition on till ignition off.

in fact it doesnt happen. and assume it is because you expect to read the button AFTER the ignition and only then to remember it and send in all messages.

please explain how we can benefit the “Remember button” feature without telling the driver to present the button again after ignition.

what is your concept for this matter?

??? kind reminder :point_up_2:


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