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According to the website of RUT241 and just wondering to figure is the both “Global” & “North America” version have support the US area?

RUT241038000 / Standard package with US PSU
RUT241098000 / Standard package with US PSU


Device RUT241038000 Global regions, support for any country on the planet, and for US region both work well technically.
But there is legal reason about certification, RUT241038000 not certified in US, that`s wil be not legal to use.
RUT241098000 – will work well.

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May I know the difference btw RUT241038000 (Global region) & RUT241098000 (US region)?
We currently could reach out the global version in Asia and intend to have few more trial testing in here so wondering to know of the it.
Is any recommend what if we want to sell this product to US but have to test in the Asia?



RUT241038000 could be tested on the Asia region because of Global region support and with any bands will work, technically you can test it in Asia, but for the current moment it`s not certified in the US, and as I mentioned last time for distributing device will violate law.

In technical meaning, there is no difference at all, only in supported bands, where Global supports all Bands from all over the world, and RUT241098000 supports only US bands, also you can`t test RUT241098000 in Asia region for sure because of technical differences in band option.

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