Regarding "Keep settings" of firmware update

I have a question about the ‘Keep settings’ option during firmware updates on the RUT955. If I have a custom package that includes files, when I enable ‘Keep settings’, does it mean that the contents of these files will not be updated? Also, will the custom package’s program itself be replaced?


I’m assuming that the custom package is developed by you and is not from opkg or our package manager. If that is the case, it would get deleted during an update with Keep settings, as only the specified files are kept. In order to avoid reinstalling the package, you can add the locations of all necessary files to


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Thank you for the supplement! You are right, this is about the files included in the custom package.
Actually, I also thought that the contents of files would be overwritten, but it didn’t happen. I didn’t see anything in /etc/sysupgrade.conf either. Does it behave in such a way that already existing files are not overwritten?


Correct, sysupgrade.conf is intended for users to add their custom files, services configurations are kept by default, and the services that are not included by default with the device are re-installed after the update assuming the device has an internet connection.

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