Recently purchased rutx50

I recently purchased a Rutx50 which seems to be programed for Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania, Brazil regions. But i am in America. The EXACT bands supported was not listed in the spec page of the listing and needed to be dug in to to find. But that is all on me. I have only wasted 18hours on this, And i really do not want to have to do an RMA. I just want my internet.

My question is.
Is there a way unlock the bands i need in my country? Modifing the firmware or something?

Tower ID eNB ID 167625
Curently need b12FDD, 66FDD, or 71FDD, but only b41 is on the compatability table.


I am sorry to inform yuo, but RUTX50 is not for USA market as US requires special certifications which the current model cannot achieve to it not being able to support certain band for USA carriers.

WE have a device in the work for RUTX50 quivalent for US market, however, it’s not yet available