Reboot Scheduler, error operation

Good Morning
I have configured a reboot week day at 03:00 AM.
After a few day I select off on scheduler, but a router ad 03:00 AM reboot: why ?


I was unable to replicate this issue. When the rule was disabled, the router did not reboot.

When you disabled the rule, are you sure that you pressed the ‘save&apply’ button? Perhaps you forgot to do so?

What firmware version do you have installed?

Are you sure that the router restarted because of the reboot scheduler? Could you please navigate to System → Maintenance → Events Log → System Events tab and check if the reboot was caused by the reboot scheduler? If it was a reboot scheduler, you should see an entry around 3:00 AM similar to the following:

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I deleted action in reboot scheduler, rebootted router. In this moment router not rebooted ad 03:00 AM

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