Question regarding Remote Access of devices behind the router (RUT241)


I know that you can access the router and it’s settings and also devices behind the router via http/sftp via the Teltonika RMS Remote Access (it’s working perfectly).

Is it somehow possible to use the created sftp access outside of the RMS system so that I can, e.g., connect to the ftp server via the RMS system?

Normally I would use the created port forward and the IP of the router directly but for some reason I did not get behind yet, I can’t manage to find a way to access it either directly or via an VPN connection. It’s a Telekom 4G SIM card and I need to be able to achieve a sftp connection to the device behind the router while the Teltonika RMS apparantly has absolutely no problem to access the router via the SIM?


Most likely your RUT is located after another device, doing NAT. Then it needs a “relay” server, having public IP. (Also valid, in case of using wwan on the RUT because of CG-NAT.)
The RUT connects its VPN to the “relay”, and then you can connect to RUT or its downstream devices via VPN, i.g. wireguard, using PC< mobile phone etc.
I do this on a large fleet of RUT955; running widely customized “official” openwrt, though.
However, should be possible to do this on RutOS, too, I suspect.

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