Probleme firewall rule Rutx10 with 7.05.4

Since the last update, i can’t use the fonctions to block ports in the firewall.

Rule 1: accept ftp port
Rule 2: block all traffic

in this case all traffic is accepted.
if i add ip in rule 1 it works but all port are allowed.

Can you confirm if this is a bug or if I should use another method?

Thanks for your help.


Please share screenshots of your firewall configurations, including firewall zones in Network → Firewall → General, traffic rules, and any configured port forwarding rules, if applicable.

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this configuration works with an older version.

block all ports except ftp.

I can send you a backup, if you wish.



The rules look fine.

What firmware version did you have installed previously? To which firmware did you update?

If you had old firmware, and updated with keep settings option, then it can be related to corrupted configurations. If thats so, please try restoring the device to factory defaults and reconfiguring it.

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