Problem with TRB14x IO Juggler and triggering after reboot


I would like to ask for some help with TRB14x IO Juggler and triggering after reboot. I am in this situation:

-Power socket IO pin 3 is configurated as input
-I have configured two SMS Actions in IO Juggler - 1. “Power ON.” 2. “Power lost.”
-The first SMS Action "“Power ON” is triggered with rising edge and the second SMS Action “Power lost.” is tiggered with falling edge.
-This TRB modem is powered with UPS with 30minute backup time.
-IO pin 3 is connect with UPS state relay.

If there is some problem in distribution electricity shorter than 30 minut it is all OK. Both actions are triggered and so both messages are send.

But if there is for exmaple 1 hour power loose, TRB reboot after this. In this process of rebooting after power regeneration has IO pin 3 rising edge soon and after rebooting process of TRB it is in high state already. So TRB after rebooting do not see rising edge and do NOT send the first SMS message “Power ON.”

So can you help me with this problem please? Do you have some experiencis or solutions?

I tried to solve this with some Custom script - I read this solution on this web. But it has a big disadvantage: I must configure phone numbers twice: original in System/Administration/Recipents and than in script. This is not systematic solution. It will be a mishmash in future.

So I dream about this:

  1. Use custom scrtipt do simulate trigger kicking? Only once, after reboot simulate rising edge on this IO pin 3. Or
  2. use custom script for direct calling of this concrete SMS Action “Power ON.” Or
  3. can I use in IO Juggler some triggering from operation system named for example RebootFinished. Or
  4. use custom script for sending manual SMS messages and read phone numbers and SMS text from some concerete file. But this is not prefered.

Thank you Premek

Any solving idea for this problem?

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