Problem with 5GHZ as a Client

I have the problem that when I log into a 5GHZ as a client, the AP 5GHZ is hidden at the same time.
This is only if the 5GHZ uses a DFS channel.

Will that be in the FW 7.5. improved?

When is this coming out?

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There is a known issue with 5GHz WiFi using DFS channels when it’s set up in both client and AP mode simultaneously. Our team is aware of this problem and actively working on resolving it. The fix for this issue is expected to be included in future firmware updates. However, unfortunately, this particular fix is unlikely to be included in the upcoming v7.5 release.

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Hello Andrey,

i have another problem. I’m abroad again. My cell phone has 5G reception. If I set the router to 5G only, it still only connects to 4G. What can be the reason?

Hello Tomzi,

I would assume that the cell phone connects to 5G NSA.

If you set the router to 5G only, it will only work with 5G SA. In most cases 5G NSA is used, which is 5G on 4G insfrastructure. Basically, you need to enable 4G + 5G in Network β†’ Mobile β†’ General β†’ Network types, and then check in Status β†’ Network β†’ Mobile if you are able to connect to 5G NSA.

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