Pre-Sales Questions

Please be patient. These are novice (pre-sales) questions…
I am considering the RUTX50 for uploading my wildlife photographs to cloud services directly from my campervan.
I like the RUTX50 because of; dual SIM, 5G/4G/3G, and strong, reliable & secure wi-fi.

  1. Will the RUTX50 connect to fixed location wi-fi hotspots (when within range and allowed access)?
  2. Will it prioritise the use of this wi-fi connection above the 2 SIM card mobile channels?
  3. Under Network Specifications, Topology: This is stated: “Visual representation of your network, showing which devices are connected to which other devices.”
    Could someone please post an example of this visual representation?

Many thanks for any help. Martin.

Does this Help


Yes, we have a configuration example for connecting to the public hotspots using our devices. It can be found here: Connecting to a Hotspot WiFi for Internet Connectivity - Teltonika Networks Wiki
It should be noted, that you’ll need to authenticate the hotspot network manually.

This depends on the configuration, but if the interface metrics in Network → WAN are setup correctly, the WiFi will be the preferred WAN source.

@akwe-xavante posted a screenshot where the topology interface is seen. This page displays the interfaces that the devices are connected to.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,

Yes, Akwe, That’s perfect. Thank you so much.

Thank you, Daumantas, for your excellent replies to my questions.

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