Powering RUT901 direct from CC 12-24V or mppt solar

Hello people…I recently purchased RUT901 I want to use it off grid and I have a 75/15 victron mppt and four 100w solar panels and two 12v batteries connected in series…the system uses 24v direct current …I can get current directly from the mppt with values ​​of 24v and 10 amps…do I need a voltage and/or amperage lowering circuit?..can I power the RUT901 directly from the mppt through an adapter cable using only the wire + and - red black (the other two remaining free)???..thank you


Most important to use a fuse (7W max according to data sheet so 500mA fast-blow should do)
and probably an overvoltage protection at 30V.

Timelapse Admin

thanks…if you could give me an example or recommend protections and fuses, it would be very useful

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