Power up RUTX50 from TSW200 Using POE

Plan to use a 48v dc power into my TSW200 and then connect my RUTX50 only using a cat 7 cable form TSW200 to lan port 1 on my RUTX50 not having any extra power connected to my rutx50.
Plan to place my RUTX50 inside a Poynting EPNT-4 5g-enclosure-antenna.

Anybody having experience with this or similar setup?


The RUTX50 can only be powered by passive PoE.

However, the TSW200 does not use passive PoE; instead, it utilizes the 802.3af and 802.3at standard PoE.

Therefore, in this situation, you’ll need to find a different device to power the RUTX50.

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any proposal of passive PoE power source?
I have easily access to 24v DC and 12v DC, but want to limit the numer of wires into the antenna closure due to the environment.


I can’t offer a specific recommendation for a PoE power source because it depends on your unique situation and the products you have access to in the market. However, if you’re using a power supply with higher power (15-50V), it’s crucial to select one of high quality. Nevertheless, I strongly suggest using a 9V power supply.

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