Port forwarding to internal webserver over VPN


We have a TRB140 connected to a internal network. The DHCP server is turned off in the TRB and the TRB is getting a local ip from the network. We want to be able to connect to the network through the openVPN/RMS interface and access a webserver on the local network.

But I struggle to get this working. The TRB has got an local IP and I can access it by the openVPN link. But I can not access the local webserver from that connection. I thought that a port forwarding would be the correct setup, see my config below:

The local webserver is at port 80. Please help me with this setup.


There should be no need for port forwarding.

In RMS VPN Hubs → Routes, make sure you enable “LAN” forwarding for TRB140 and add a route to your LAN network. For example: via TRB140 (assuming your network is and you want to reach the whole network. You can specify a route to the server only if you want).

YouTube video is available here.

Now, I am not fully aware of your internal network. However, make sure that the server knows that it can reach (RMS VPN default network) through TRB. Either specify a route to this network on the server via IP address of TRB, or set a default gateway on the server that points to TRB. An alternative would be to enable masquerading on LAN interface in Network → Firewall, however, it would be better if you simply ensure that a route is present on the server, rather than rewriting the source IP address of all incoming traffic.

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