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I’m trying to achieve a simple port forwarding to an internal LAN network. I can connect on WAN port to router, (on port 22 also). I can connect to desired service when I’m in internal network. But when I try to use port forward on it will not allow me to access website. What am I missing?
LAN service IP:
port: 4842


What is your network topology? How everything is connected? From Where are you trying to reach the device?

Are you using wired WAN or mobile SIM?

Your WAN IP has a private IP address, which means it cannot be accessed over the internet. If you are using a wired WAN connection, your ability to reach your RUT device and the devices within its LAN depends on the network to which RUT is connected via the wired WAN.

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I’m using this router as to separate an internal network from my on network so WAN IP is correct. WAN is using wired connection, not SIM.
I’m connected to (my ip: network so I’m on the WAN side of the network and I’m trying to get access to internal server behind router. I’m not trying to gain access from the internet. Just from the WAN side of the network for this case.


In this case, the rule looks fine and you should be access your LAN device by connecting to on port 4842.

Does the server in LAN allows for connections from other networks? What about the firewall on the server?

You can check if the traffic is forwarded to the server via TCPdump. For this, you can connect to RUT via CLI/SSH with username ‘root’, download and run TCPDump:

opkg update
opkg install tcpdump
#run TCPDump on LAN
tcpdump -i br-lan port 4842

Then, while TCP dump is running, try reaching the server. Do you see any packets forwarded from RUT to the server on LAN?

I would also suggest updating the firmware if it is possible in your case (if your firmware is old, make sure to update with ‘keep settings’ disabled).

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Upgrading firmware fixed the problem. It started right to work right away with the same settings. Thank You.

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