Port forward or NAT?

Hi, I was trying to read thru documentation, but I am not sure what is the best approach. We have some production lines that have same IP range and I need to communicate with PLCs accross the lines.

So I buy 2 pieces of RUTX10 for test and start to play. I am surprised, as SW and HW part of Teltonika seems pretty well for me for that price!
Now what is your recommendation? We need access PLCs by their virtual IP address on WAN side. For example there will be as router WAN ip and also IP alias for PLC(on WAN side).
PLC have in reality address . I tested this RUTX 1-to-1 NAT - Teltonika Networks Wiki , but it seems not working in my case. Should I try port forwarding instead? Can it be used with VIP on WAN side? Maybe there is another, better, solution :slight_smile: Thanks

I think I’ve got it. You have good wiki, but sometimes there is missing some piece. This was helpful for me : NAT 1:1 on RUTX08 - Crowd Support Forum | Teltonika Networks .

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