Port based VLAN with one tagged port


I am trying to configure a VLAN configuration on RUT950 router. I have two VLAN interfaces - 250 and 23. Every VLAN interface has IP address set up ( and Port 1 is in VLAN 250, and port 2 is in VLAN 23. Port 3 is set as a Tagged port for VLAN 250 and VLAN 23.

When I connect a device to port 3, it can only access the interface, and not the

I need to be able to access both interfaces from that port. Is it possible to make it that way, and how?


To allow traffic between VLANs on the RUT950 router, you need to create appropriate firewall rules to permit the desired communication. Here’s a general guide on how you can configure the firewall rules:

Assuming VLAN 250 is vlan1 and VLAN 23 is vlan2:

  1. Source Zone Configuration:
  • Source Zone 1: vlan1 (
  • Source Zone 2: vlan2 (
  1. Destination Zone Configuration:
  • For both Source Zone 1 and Source Zone 2, the destination zone should include vlan1 and vlan2. This is because you want devices in VLAN 250 to communicate with devices in VLAN 23 and vice versa.
  1. Firewall Rule Configuration:
  • Accept traffic from Source Zone 1 to Destination Zone vlan2 (vlan1 to vlan2)
  • Accept traffic from Source Zone 2 to Destination Zone vlan1 (vlan2 to vlan1)

Additionally, I recommend updating to the latest firmware (RUT950 Firmware Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki) for optimal performance.

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Marija S.

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