Policy based routing: client to specific WAN interface

In my use case I have a RUTX50 with two WAN connections, being the cabled WAN and a mobile connection. The default connection for all clients is the cabled WAN with no failover configured because both paths should be isolated.

The end goal is to have ToS marked packets from a specific service/client on LAN being detected and routed to the mobile interface. As a first step I skipped the ToS and have a policy defined for all traffic coming from that specific client ( The traffic is to be routed to the mobile interface by lookup table. This seems to work but only when the cabled WAN link is present when initiating the traffic on the client. For example a ping to goolgle.com initiated from the client is routed over mobile but if the cabled WAN link is dropped active connections keep running but no new connections can be initiated. The WWW link is down for every client on LAN.

Can someone explain this behavior to me and if available a solution? I prefer not to have a general failover to mobile to avoid any other traffic on the mobile link.

Anyone with some insights?

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