POE power for RUTX09 recommandation


according to the wiki (RUTX09 Powering Options - Teltonika Networks Wiki), device is NOT COMPLIANT with the IEEE 802.3af-2003 standard and IEEE 802.3at standard. But could you specified which standards the product is compatible with ?

I’m looking for if I can used thie POE switch to power on my RUT:

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The RUTX09 operates in Mode B and accepts input voltages ranging from 9 to 30 VDC. Unlike active PoE (802.3at/802.3af), passive PoE does not communicate with the host device regarding the voltage and current it can supply. This means that power is supplied constantly over the wire pairs.

When discussing the router’s compatibility with the provided PoE++ switch, it’s important to note that the router is not compatible. Since the router lacks support for IEEE 802.3bt standards, which are necessary for PoE++ devices, attempting to use them together may result in damage to either the router or the PoE switch.

To avoid damage to the RUTX09, please follow the guidelines outlined in the Wiki, primarily:

  • Only use the LAN1 port for powering the device.
  • Ensure that the voltage is between 9 and 30 VDC.
  • Make sure the switch/PSU used can supply the current ratings of the RUTX09 and provide clean power.

If there’s anything else you need help with, please feel free to ask.

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hello, thanks for this answer.

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