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How can i make my owne sms utilities return commands like:

Analog Current Loop (6,9) - %g0 Analog Input (6,9) - %g1 Input (3) - %g2 Digital Input (1) - %g3 Output (4) - %g4 Isolated Output (3,4,8) - %g5 Isolated Input (2,7) - %g6 Relay (5,10) - %g7 Time stamp - %ts Router name - %rn Serial number - %sn Mobile IP addresses - %mi Signal strength - %ss Current FW version - %fc WAN IP address - %wi LAN IP address - %li Monitoring status - %ms Operator name - %on Network type - %ct Data connection state - %cs Network state - %ns IMSI - %im IMEI - %ie Modem model - %md Modem serial number - %is SIM pin state - %ps SIM state - %st RSCP - %cp ECIO - %ec ICCID - %ic CELLID - %ci Network serving - %sv New line - %nl SIM slot in use - %su RSRP - %rp SINR - %sr RSRQ - %rq Neighbour cells - %nb Network info - %ni RMS error message - %er

so if i for an example send and SMS with ‘Frame’ it return ‘Your status of Frame is 34’ (So how can i make it replace %LFW with my value either from http or MQTT)


Could you please clarify what information are you trying to receive via SMS?

What do you mean by “replace %LFW with my value either from http or MQTT”? Are you trying to obtain some information from a different device (not router)?

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I want to receive values from my server.
So if i write %MyOwne (or %LFW) in the responce text field.

Then the value from my server vill be replaced there.


The values from SMS utilies are the ones from the router. If you are looking to obtain information from the server, then it may be possible with some additional scripting. SMS utilities can be configured to execute scripts when SMS message is received.

This will depend on your implementation.

There is a Modbus example here. In your case, if the server is using HTTP, you can try using ‘wget’ or ‘curl’ commands to obtain data instead of Modbus commands in the script.

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