PBR RUT241 Does not work


I am trying to setup policy based routing on a RUT241, but it does not seem to work?
Do I need to install a package for making this feature to work or is it included in the standard firmware on the router.

If I logon to the CLI and check the routing tables using: # ip route show table 10 I can’t see any routes also if I type # ip route show table all


Policy Based Routing is availble in Network → Routing → Policy based routing. More information is available here.

It should work just fine:

Have you fully configured it there? Have you added a new table, a route, and routing rules?

Please review your configurations and if the issue persists, please share your configurations here.

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Thanks for the reply!

I got PBR working but it is not persistent when rebooting the router.
If I restart the router, routing table 10 does not contain any routes and when applying or save the PBR configuration the route is added to the route table again?

root@6555ROE1:~# ip route show
default dev qmimux0 proto static scope link metric 4 dev qmimux0 proto static scope link metric 4 dev gre4-Tunnel6 proto kernel scope link src dev gre4-Tunnel6 proto static scope link dev qmimux0 proto static scope link metric 4 dev eth0.1 proto static scope link metric 1
root@6555ROE1:~# ip route show table 10
default via dev gre4-Tunnel6 proto static

Device: RUT241
Kernel: 5.4.259
Firmware: RUT2M_R_00.07.06.3
Build: 9b07149879
Build date: 2024-01-12 14:13:52



Found out that if I add Linux commands for policy routing and store those under custom scripts I got it working.


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