Paper label - random generated admin password

We are experiencing issues with RUTX** routers which require a factory reset/recovery but the product label (paper) has been defaced/damaged/illegible.

How can we access the unit after this when the admin01 default password is no longer valid and we can not see the paper label with the random generated admin password?

I can not find a serial number on any of the internal PCBs?



Thank you for reaching out!
The unique password for the device is stored in two places - the QR code on the back of the device, and in plain text form, on the back of the device. Additionally, if you’re purchasing the devices directly from us, you may receive the passwords to the devices upon your purchase and request.
As for the serial numbers, they are also stored in the QR code, as well as the back panel of the device. However, if all of this information is lost, you can always still refer to the MAC address of the device. Simply plug your PC into the LAN port of the RUTX device, and using the command arp -a, check the MAC address of the device. This MAC address is also included with the purchase documents from us, and can be referred to.

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