Outbound stopped at Router gateway

Hi, Marija
I noticed this morning that none of my devices connecting by LAN or Wireless to my RUT240 RUT2_R_00.07.06.11 had Internet connectivity and that traceroute stopped at the router gateway address. I’m not a networking expert, so I am not exactly sure why I had to enable masquerading in the Zones section of the firewall for the LAN zone. This resolved the issue, but I need to know if this was the issue or if I stumbled across a work-around. If this was the issue, how did it get turned off? If it was a work-around, what could have been the actual cause?
I experimented with the SMS command mobileon and mobileoff for the first time yesterday. I ran a continuous ping, turned off data by SMS, ping failed, turned it back on and ping resumed. I also sent another mobileon command this morning, but still did not get connectivity. Could this have anything to do with it? Is this masquerading setting normally set to on? I will send this now and do further experiments because the router was also power cycled to move it from one location to another yesterday and back to the original location this morning.

UPDATE: It has happened again and it happened after a reboot. The masquerading setting hasn’t changed. Like the first time, when I ping an external site, the DNS works because the address is resolved, but the traceroute stops at Further, I sent SMS mobileoff command. DNS stopped then, as expected. Sent SMS mobileon and everything started working normally. Next, I sent a reboot to try to replicate the behavior. Instead of rebooting, it continued running normally for about 2 minutes. The router is sitting in front of me with a -41 signal. No reason for the delay. Finally, it rebooted and for the third time today, i see this behavior. It can resolve an external website address, but if I try to ping it, i cannot and the traceroute stops at Any ideas? Maybe it is still booting and taking a very long time. I will test that tomorrow.

UPDATE#2 Same thing this morning. The router powers up, but some kind of reconfiguration is occuring because although domain names are resolved, no traffic gets past However, if I go into troubleshooting, i can ping the same domain without any problem. Since I did not change anything, only powered off the router, I think this is a bug.

I encountered a similar issue with my RUT240 where devices connected by LAN or Wireless had no Internet connectivity, and traceroute stopped at the router gateway address.

Solution Steps:

  1. Enable Masquerading: In the firewall’s Zones section for the LAN zone. This setting is usually enabled to allow devices on your local network to share the router’s public IP address for outgoing traffic.

  2. SMS Commands: I experimented with mobileon and mobileoff, but they didn’t directly affect the masquerading issue.

  3. Reboots and Power Cycles: The issue reoccurred after reboots or power cycles, suggesting a deeper problem, potentially a firmware bug.

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Let’s keep each other updated and consider reporting this to support.


First time it happened, enabling masquerading in the Zones section resolved it. It continued however even with masquerading enabled on subsequent reboots. But ultimately, this is a firmware bug. I will verify that when I get home by enabling mobileon mobile off with a whitelist of permitted user on an older firmware. If I get the same behavior, then it’s an outstanding bug incorporated into later firmware versions. If I don’t get the behavior, then it is something in the new firmware. If it turns out to be a firmware bug, I will use older firmware, even though the new firmware is so nice. Except for this bug.

Two things this might be related to: 1. restricted bandwidth from the service provider. At the start of June, the data allocation for the SIM card was renewed. Previously, bandwidth was extremely low as the data plan ran out and everything was severely restricted. I could still ping, but not much else. Noticed on boot this morning, no problems at all where as prior to June 1, after reboot, I could resolve DNS but couldn’t get data past the router. 2. WAN fail over messages in the log could also have had something to do with this. There is no supplementary service to the router, but the log showed failover events. I disabled this today. Now I will wait for data to run out again and see if these problems come back.

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