OpenVPN windows client not pinging local hosts

I am connected with an openvpn windows client to the server RUT951 but I cannot ping local network hosts.


In the OpenVPN server configurations for RUT951, you can add a route in the “push options” field. Replace ‘route’ with the LAN network of your RUT951. For example, if the LAN IP on your RUT951 is, use ‘route’

This route will be pushed to the OpenVPN client on a Windows PC, allowing the PC to recognize that it can access this network over the OpenVPN connection.

If you’re still experiencing issues with pings, ensure that your PC is on a different network from the one your RUT951 is on. For instance, if both your PC and RUT951 are on the network, you’ll need to change one of these networks to something different, such as

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I had it almost exactly as I wrote, with the difference that I didn’t have the “route” word in “push option”, I added it and everything works fine. Thank you very much for your help.


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