OpenVPN System File Corruption

Have experienced what appears to be OpenVPN installed on Windows 7 causing issues/corrupting windows file pcw.sys and a BSOD episode? Cleaned things up, uninstalled OpenVPN and so far all clean.

Anybody observed this type of behaviour with OpenVPN?


This question would most likely be better answered on the OpenVPN forums:
While there have been some reports about OpenVPN causing BSOD on Windows, that was a while ago, thus I’d suggest updating OpenVPN on your PC to check if that resolves the issue.

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Thanks for that, will do. I suppose I posted it here as the whole process ( followed has come from the RMS and other links/downloads from the Teltonika WiKi (RMS_VPN_Hubs) and only been installed over the past couple of weeks.


If you’re using the RMS VPN application, then it’s based on OpenVPN. Could you try installing OpenVPN 2.5.9 and check if the issue replicates?

Yep I will find a hack machine to run that first before installing it on anything important.

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