Openvpn routing. Two networks behind one server and different devices

Hi all,

I have a problem with configuring routing in OpenVPN tunnel on our RUT 956 routers (latest software implemented).
Our OpenVPN server’s networks are and Everything works fine for (through device tun_c_Konfig).

Network (present in openvpn config file) is routed through different device (qmimux0) and
it’s not possible to change the device for 192.168…. network via gui in routing settings. There is no tunnel interface (in our case tun_c_Konfig) on list.
Deleting automaticly added route and adding static route in ssh session doesn’t work. It ends with error.

When I try to ping remote host in network via tunnel interface, everything works fine.


Is there any solution for this problem? I have read several topics on support forum, and haven’t found confirmed sollution.

Thanks in advance for any answers

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