OpenVPN in RUT2xx

We routinely use OpenVPN client with certificate on Teltonika RU2xx routers. The OpenVPN connects to our server.
Specifically, we have two Teltonika routers in the country Uzkebistan with the same SIM from the local operator “UZB Cell”.

In the first case a RUT200 router with firmware 7.04.04 was used, while in the second case a RUT241 with firmware 7.02.07 was used.
In the first router the OpenVPN connection is established correctly, while in the second case it is not established. We are carrying out remote assistance tests, which as you can imagine is not easy given the remoteness for us of the country and the use of the English language.
According to Teltonika’s information, are there any changes between RUT241 and RUT200 at OpenVPN level? Or can the different firmware affect the establishment of the OpenVPN connection?

Could there be a block by the mobile operator UZB Cell in establishing OpenVPN connections?

Thanks for any possible support.


OpenVPN is almost completely firmware dependent rather than hardware (especially since the only difference between these devices is the modem). I’d recommend updating to the latest firmware, as the one currently running on RUT241 is almost 1 year old.
If that still does not help, let us know. I’ll provide instructions on how to gather the logs and we can troubleshoot further.

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