OpenVPN Client status via SMS returns error


I have two different RUT devices in production, a RUT955 (RUT9_R_00.07.03.4) and a RUT240 (RUT2_R_00.07.04.5), which both are set up as OpenVPN Clients connecting to a OpenVPN server running on a FreshTomato router.
I am finding that when I send a SMS to either of the devices requesting the OpenVPN status (<password> vpnstatus) I get a error back saying <tunnel name> - Unknown error from both devices.
The client is connected and working fine, as can be seen under Services-VPN-OPENVPN on both devices. Network traffic is flowing as expected.

Further, when viewing the VPN status from Status-Overview, the RUT240 shows <tunnel name> Connected, but the RUT955 shows <tunnel name> Disconnected

Is this perhaps a known issue with my firmware versions?

I upgraded the RUT955 device to the latest available firmware (RUT9_R_00.07.06), but it made no difference. Still seeing the exact same behavior.
The RUT240 is in a very inaccessible location 400+ km away so I am unable to risk an upgrade there.

Hello Ottow
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Regarding the issue you are facing, when you did the fw upgrade it is highly recommended to disable the Keep Setting option,
I will do testing here to make sure if there is any issue


As I understand it, if I disable the Keep Settings option, it means I will lose the OpenVPN Client settings. Which will render the device inaccessible, something that is not acceptable for my RUT240. The RUT955 is only some 20km away so it would be more of an inconvenience, but I would still have to re-do all custom configuration.
How do you recommend I retain the settings? Backup, and then restore?

We were able to replicate the issue here in the test bench, Thank you for alerting us
The issue has been escalated to RnD
Will be updating regarding the issue

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